Panchtatva Estate, Vill-Dugh, Chamba H.P

Established 2022

Panchtatva eco hotel was a dream project for us as young entrepreneurs with conscious minds and clear vision towards Green Hospitality . The idea of creating this magical place started turning into reality in 2019. we both were captivated by the breathtaking beauty of Lake Chamera . The combination of both beautiful lake and majestic mountains sets Panchtatva apart from others in the region. It took us nearly four years to built the hotel under several challenging situations but it was worth the effort and most importantly the accomplishment was undoubtedly so very productive .

Panchtatva Eco Hotel is not only made with stone , wood , glass or other eco-friendly materials ,Our heart and soul equally exist in every part of this enchanting place . It is designed to accommodate every kind of visitor around the world from nature  explorers, to hiking lovers to couples and families who just want to cherish the tranquility and beauty of the Hotel.

 Rupy & Ajit 

Panchtatva Eco Hotel

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Panchtatva , Vill-Dugh, P.O Dradha, Chamba



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