Panchtatva Estate, Vill-Dugh, Chamba H.P


A healthier environment equals a healthier you.

We educate our guests about the importance of sustainable practices, engaging with local communities and supporting environmentally responsible initiatives. This holistic approach ensures that our hotel contributes positively to both the environment and society as a whole . By adopting sustainable practices, such as energy saving technologies waste management strategies  ,responsible  sourcing of local and organic products whenever possible.

Eco Friendly Amenities and Services

Offering eco-friendly amenities and services allows hotel to cater to environmentally conscious travelers while minimizing their impact on the  environment. Examples include providing natural toiletries in biodegradable packing ,organic or natural cleaners that are less harmful to both housekeeping and the environment .

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Panchtatva , Vill-Dugh, P.O Dradha, Chamba



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